Monday, July 16, 2012



Muveszeti Szalon es Kavezo Szervita ter 5 Book and cd store with cafe/bar upstairs with live music from 7:30. In central shopping area.

Al-Amir, great Syrian food, Petofi Sandor Utca 18--central shopping area. Open on Sundays when many other places close.

Drop Shop Wine Bar, cool place to try Hungarian wines. Balassi B. ut 27, not far from Parliament building, near river--last stop on no. 2 tram

Public transport--get a daily, 3 or 5 day pass available at vending machines. Good for metro, trams, buses.

Excellent meal: Bock Bistro, Erzsebet 43-49, tel 321-0340, reservation necessary


Starka Restaurant
Good food and an incredible selection of vodkas. The owner and the bartender (if they are still there) both speak English  and can tell you about the vodkas.

Harris Jazz bar
Right on the main square. I heard excellent jazz here. 

The best hot chocolate I have ever drank in my life -- get the dark bittersweet:

Pod Aniolami
I liked the food here, but I have to remind you not to have high expectations:

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