Monday, September 19, 2011

TURKEY May 2011

We were just in Istanbul for 3 days this time, so not a lot to report beyond high prices.

But I did find a few things I'd check out next time.

Magnaura Tours. Unusual tours: neighborhoods, schools, markets Didn't use them, but it sounds interesting.

Galata looked like the most interesting area to stay, but there are not a lot of options.
I saw 2 new ones--I'd stay in one of these next time.
and Galata Life


Great old interior: Neoclassic, Istiklal Cad. 251, upstairs

Sirit Seref, You'll need help finding this--it's near the Bozdogan aqueduct and the Fire Brigade Museum. The pilaf thing in a crust is great. Wander around this area after lunch, very interesting Kurdish neighborhood, no tourists.

 In Beyoglu try Antiocha, Minare Sokak 21/A, Tel. 212 292 1100. 

I loved the old pudding houses you see all over.


Lale Plak, CD store with great selection of classical music--right at the top of the hill where the train stops